Place Infrastructure Compact and The Pulse

greater sydney commission

Trio Property has assisted the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) on a number of innovative projects.

The Place Infrastructure Compact (PIC) is a collaborative approach to infrastructure and planning, bringing government, business and the community together to match housing and job growth with infrastructure delivery. Trio Property assisted the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) in the project management of the PIC Pilot for the Greater Parramatta and Olympic Peninsula, and the Western Sydney PICs. Trio Property managed the preparation of the Infrastructure and Service assessments and green infrastructure strategy for the PICs.

The Pulse of Greater Sydney was released in July 2019. The Pulse is a response to the statutory requirement for the GSC to monitor the implementation of the Region and District Plans. It is the first time a comprehensive monitoring and reporting framework, gathering publicly available data, has been available. Trio Property assisted GSC in project managing the data collection and production of the Pulse.

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